Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aria Giovanni Boobs

Happy Thanksgiving from Survivor Boobs. Enjoy these Aria Giovanni Boobs with this her cooking Yams video.

Remember Thanksgiving is a great time to review your insurance policies - health insurance, car insurance, commercial auto insurance, life insurance, and homeowners insurance. I like to buy a new car insurance policy based on what commercials are best. Geico won last year. Do it after you enjoy this Aria Giovanni Boobs video.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lauren Albright Boobs

Survivor Boobs takes a moment to recognize Lauren Albright boobs on ABC 7 - WLJA in Washington, D.C. Lauren Albright bared all for LOCAL DC news on a breast self-exam "news" story. In case your wondering this 28 year-old Northern Virginia woman, Lauren Albright, is an A cup - so I don't think many people were offended, besides men expecting a big boobs show. Lauren Allbright boobs won't be making a Girls Gone Wild video soon. Picture below - watch the WJLA Breast Self Exam Video here.

Washington Breast Exam Video - ABC 7

Here is the video of the breast exam video that aired on Washington local news TV. The ABC 7 DC local news channel is accused of using footage of naked breasts as a ratings ploy. Boobs equals ratings gold. This breast self exam (boob self exam) video was shown on television to all Washington people on WJLA.

Enjoy this Breast Exam Video below. Boobs galore. And remember, of course to find a breast cancer doctor. Early detection means you can be on WJLA too.

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