Sunday, March 31, 2013

Julia Landauer Boobs

Julia Landauer Boobs

Cochrane may have called Julie Landauer Vanilla - no worse than Vanilla because people seek Vanilla flavor, but not Julia Flavor!  Nevertheless many fans wanted to see Julia Landauer nude, naked and more.  This professional race car driver babe from Stanford lasted decently long on Survivor, before getting voted off.

Julia Landauer Nudity Suit Color

 Will we see Julia Landauer in NASCAR soon?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lululemon Yoga Pants Sheer

Lululemon Yoga Pants Sheer Picture

Are you looking in stores for the Lululemon Yoga Pants Sheer edition?  Looks like the sheer pants exposed butts, ass and bottoms of the Lululemon buyers. 

Lulu Lemon's Chief Executive Officer Christine Day how the yoga pants employees were handling returns, and whether Lululemon was changing suppliers and how the sheer pants made it out of the factory in the first place. 

“The truth of the matter is the only way you can actually test for the issue is to put the pants on and bend over,” Christine Day said on a media conference call. “Just putting the pants on themselves doesn’t solve the problem. It passed all of the basic metric tests and the hand-feel is relatively the same, so it was very difficult for the factories to isolate the issue, and it wasn’t until we got in the store and started putting it on people that we could actually see the issue.” Media members asked for photos of Lululemon's sheer yoga pants, but Day said those pictures were "NSFW."  (Just kidding, that last part didn't happen.)

The problem is a challenge for Lululemon, which is able to sell $98 yoga pants and $64 tank tops because of a sexy reputation for quality. Lululemon is offering full refunds or exchanges to customers who bought the sheer pants after March 1, has put store employees on high alert.  Anybody have any pictures they want to share of these shear Lululemon Yoga Pants?  

Angie Layton Boobs

 Angie Layton Boobs

 Our readers have been clamoring for the Angie Layton boob shots.  No doubt, she is one of Survivor's favorite and will soon be on a Fans vs. Favorites.  How about Survivor Babes vs. Babes?

Angie Layton may be on top of the Survivor Babes and Boobs list.  Look at that smile! 

Nothing like Angie Layton in a bikini.

Hope Driskill Boobs

 Hope Driskill Boobs

It was a short stay for Hope Driskill  Boobs TV.  No chance for nip slips, nudity and great bikini shots on survivor for the former Miss Missouri.

May Hope Driskill and her breasts will make a return in a future Survivor Fans vs. Favorites?  Let's hope the boob tube provides!

Driscoll or Driskull!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Corrine Kaplan Boobs

Corrine Kaplan Boobs

We're still on the lookout for some Corrine Kaplan boobs.  No word on seeing this Survivor dirty beauty naked or nude yet.  Until then, Corrine fans, we provide you with this Kaplan-esque diddy.

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