Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water Nudity

Ciera Eastin Boobs

Here's your Survivor Fall 2013 - Blood vs. Water Cast.  Listed in order of Survivor Nudity probability.

Female Survivor Nude

Rachel Foulger

33, Provo, Utah

Job: Cocktail Waitress/Graphic Designer

Candice Cody

 Age: 30, Washington, D.C.

 Physician, Anesthesiology

Kat Edorsson

 Age: 23

 Orlando, Fla.

 Full-Time Student

Monica Culpepper

 Age: 42

 Tampa, Fla.

 Former NFL Wife, homemaker

Laura Morett

 Age: 43, Salem, Ore.

 Co-owner of Morett Construction

Ciera Eastin

 Age: 24

 Salem, Ore.

 Cosmetology Student

Marissa Peterson

 Age: 21

 Chapel Hill, N.C.


Tina Wesson

 Age: 52

 Robbinsville, N.C.

 Motivational Speaker

Katie Collins

 Age: 25

 New York, N.Y.

 Hedge Fund Support

Laura Boneham

 44, Indianapolis, Ind.

 Retail Merchandiser

Male Survivor Nude

Tyson Apostol
34, Provo, Utah
Former Pro Cyclist/Shop Manager

Aras Baskauskas

31, Santa Monica, Calif.

 Musician and Yoga Instructor

Vytas Baskauskas

 Age: 33, Santa Monica, Calif.

 Math Professor

Rupert Boneham

 49,  Indianapolis, Ind.

 Mentor for Troubled Teens

John Cody

 Age: 30

 Washington, D.C.

 Resident Physician, Army Orthopedic Surgery

Hayden Moss

 Age: 26

 Springtown, Texas

 Sales Real Estate

Brad Culpepper

 Age: 44

 Tampa, Fla.

 Attorney and retired NFL player

Colton Cumbie

 Age: 22

 Collinsville, Ala.

 Student Teacher

Caleb Bankston

 Age: 26

 Collinsville, Ala.

 Post Office Manager/Farmer

Gervase Peterson

 Age: 43

 Philadelphia, Pa.

 Cigar Lounge Owner

Legal Advice