Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Tribute to Sports Boobs

Okay, non Survivor Boobs related post. But since Survivor is sort of a's a tribute to the best Boobs in Sports. Lots of plastic surgery enhanced. For a good time, check out any plastic surgeon website. Perusing those boob job pictures is a great way to pass a day at work. Enjoy these videos of these chest enhancement individuals. This proof we need to get health insurance to cover these cosmetic surgeries.

Florida Panthers Fan Flashing Cameraman at Hockey Game

Hockey Game Boobs - Click here for more Survivor Boobs.

Two Blonde Cricket Fans Flashing Boobs on TV

Cricket Fan Flashes The Camera - Click here for more Survivor Boobs.

Plastic Surgery Boobs

So in Italy Survivor they don't censor those Survivor boobs. Here's a video of some uncensored Survivor Boob action

Italian Survivor Challenge Gone Awry - Click here for more free videos

On a side note, you now a good plastic surgery doctor? I wonder if there is a Plastic Surgeon to the Stars for boobs specifically. that'd be a pretty awesome job. A boob job would help me get on Survivor.

Yasmin Giles Boobs

The Yasmin Giles Boobs experiment might be over now that she was voted off, but for you Yasmine Giles boobie fans life is not over.

Shambo Boobs, Shannon Waters Boobs

To each his own but why are you looking for Shambo boobs, aka Shannon Waters boobs from Survivor. If Shambo is your cup of tea, then more power to you. It makes Shannon Waters boobs happy.

Natalie White Boobs

Not as hot as Ash Trainer, but Natalie White boobs are something to be desired. The blonde pharamceutical sales rep could sell me any drug with those Natalie White Boobs. More pics to be updated soon.

Update Survivor Party Pics

Elizabeth Kim Boobs, Liz Kim Boobs

Not much on the Elizabeth Kim boobs front, so maybe some Liz Kim Boobs later you Survivor Fans. But frankly, do you really want to see Elizabeth Kim boobs?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monica Padilla Boobs

Aspiring actress Monica Padilla and those Monica Padilla Boobs. For more on Monica Padilla and some pictures...check out

Survivor Finale Party Picture

Laura Morett Boobs

Here are some Laura Morett Boobs for ya. Not many pictures but more to come later. LauraMorett must be hoping for bigger and better things with her own website at More Laura Morett boobs to come!

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