Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Banned Lane Bryant Boobs

Here is the banned Lane Bryant Boobs commercials that ABC and Fox would not air. They should have tried CBS. There is nothing more racy than boobs on Survivor.

If anything the networks should ban all the personal injury lawyer commercials. These accident and injury attorneys from Boston to Denver are saturated on the networks. I want more aggressive Lane Bryant commercials, and less ads about aggressive personal injury lawyers.

Uncensored Lane Bryant Bra TV Ad

Letterman Leno Boob

David Letterman calls car insurance lover Jay Leno a Boob.

Do you think Leno is a boob?


We know Jay Leno is a car insurance lover - Geico car insurance we assume is his favorite. But his Jay Leno a boob? David Letterman thinks Jay Leno is a boob.

Here is what David Letterman said on the Late Show:

"I loved Jay summing things up, 'Yeah, yeah, well [O'Brien and I] both got screwed.' Wait a minute, Jay. You both got screwed and yet you're the only one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed exactly?"

>>Dr. Phil McGraw said he thinks Leno got a "bum rap" for the criticism he has endured since reclaiming The Tonight Show. <<

"Believe me, he got everything he deserved," Letterman said. "When we first met and were hanging around, everyone loved Jay because he's so funny, so engaging, so compelling," he continued. "You can't not love him. But then there's also this other side of him where — and I think he would own up to it — he's just a complete boob. He can't help himself."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Keri Hilson Booty, Keri Hilson Boobs, Hair Good Anthem!

Keri Hilson the National Anthem singer from Lakers-Hawks and Red Sox-Yankees has a great body, booty, and boobs.

If Keri Hilson only sang the National Anthem better.

Keri Hilson Booty. Are there booty plastic surgeons? How can I get a better butt without the work? Cosmetic surgery might be necessary.

Keri Hilson Boobs - Cosmetic Surgery?

Are there plastic surgeons for better side boob?

Keri Hilson Singing Video - Bad Anthem

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